About Us

First Alliance Church is a fellowship of likeminded followers of Christ, who desire to express the love and compassion of Christ to the people of New York City, in visible and tangible ways.

Our Mission

To engage people by manifesting the love and compassion of Christ, through the visible and tangible ways we live our lives in the communities of New York City.

Our Guiding Values

  • Empowerment – Supporting individuals within the Church Family to make choices and take action in their lives to become more like Christ.
  • Holistic Living – Embracing a lifestyle that is not fragmented into compartments but one that is integrated and whole. A lifestyle that is marked by the healing and transformational work of Christ.
  • Community Responsibility – Fulfilling our roles as believers within the church family and our circles of influence.
  • Family – Creating an atmosphere of acceptance and genuine care.
  • Ownership – Supporting wholeheartedly, the work and leading of God through our resources (monetarily, spiritual gifting, and skills).

Our Background

The First Alliance Church fellowship has been in existence in Manhattan, New York since 1883. It is the first of over 17,000 churches worldwide. Dr. Albert Benjamin Simpson, founding pastor of this church, is also the founder of the church denomination called The Christian and Missionary Alliance. This name, The Christian and Missionary Alliance, succinctly expresses what the foundation of First Alliance Church is built upon:

  • Christian – We are an intentional community of believers seeking to fulfill Christ’s mandate to make known God’s presence in our immediate community (the New York City area), and beyond by proclaiming the Good News God has made known to us through His Son.
  • Missionary – We are a Christ-centered community allied with other like-minded followers of Christ in a passionate pursuit to complete Christ’s Great Commission.
  • Alliance – We are a worshiping community of believers from diverse cultural and generational backgrounds pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another by intentionally living out Christ Greatest Commandment.